Mental Health Awareness in Construction

It would be very easy to come on LinkedIn daily and tell all my connections about Excel TM Group and it would be very easy to repost content about our services and company ethos etc, but I wanted to take a step back from that this morning.

Yesterday whilst driving to a meeting I was listening to the radio as normal when a segment came up which made me think long and hard about different matters, the segment discussed how construction workers are FOUR TIMES more likely to commit suicide than any other employment sector!

As someone who’s family were in the construction sector ranging from bricklayers to plasterers and plumbers, meant I spent hours of my childhood on building sites and being involved with “the crack” that comes with it.

Spending hours with my dad watching reruns of Auf Wiedersehen Pet and Boys from the black stuff made me love the construction game even more.

However, times have changed a lot since then, mental health has become more poignant and is well recognised, I have had my fair share of mental health issues and completely understand how important it is to speak to others when you are feeling stressed/anxious/low etc. In all honesty, it still affects me now but through talking to people and understanding the causes I have learnt to over come these matters and think more positively.

I have met some wonderful people through working in construction, whether that be on site or in a board room. I always try to maintain a healthy relationship with those I have worked with or for, and with that being said I wanted to offer a level of support to anyone who might feel like they need that conversation which will help.

If you ever feel like you need to talk or open up, I am always happy to have a chat, I cannot guarantee that I will solve your problem’s in an instant but as the old saying goes “a problem shared is a problem halved”

Whether you are customer or a supplier, colleague or a competitor, or just a LinkedIn connection. Everyone matters! PLEASE don’t suffer in silence, It doesn’t make you a weak person by admitting that you are struggling; it means you are strong enough to take the first step in addressing things.

Thanks you for reading.

Mike Dunn Managing Director Excel TM Group 07946 767 634

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