Our First Year in Business!!

Excel’s first year!

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read my first article of 2021 which covers Excel TM Group’s first year in business

Excel officially launched on January 6th 2020 and what a year it has been since that day. If we have met since then you would have heard the next little blurb before.

When I set the company up, I was in my back bedroom with a broken desk a borrowed laptop, my mobile phone, and an old whiteboard…



I will not lie and I will be completely blunt – I shit myself!

My confidence had been knocked on the build-up to setting up and I genuinely knew I was up against it, however within 2 weeks our first client was on board and I’m delighted to say they are still working with us now!

The blunt truth and reality!

Let’s be honest, 2020 has been one bitch of a year! And shortly into our journey, I was about to find this out first-hand!

As most of you will know, 2 weeks after setting up the company I lost my nan and by all accounts, it shook me to the core. Normally in a workplace, after you lose someone you get compassionate leave or time to get over the shock, but this wasn’t the case! – I had to carry on and stay focussed.


Fast forward to March

I am pretty sure you know what comes next…

On the 23rd of March Lockdown 1.0 was put into place and it became apparent that I was going to learn the difficulties of running a business very quickly!

Excel was growing, we had just visited Eco Build, we had a nice client base which was growing and we were about to move into our new offices….

Ultimately this did not happen and whilst it was a tough pill to swallow, I had to look at alternative ways to keep going and keep the business above water.

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For nearly 2 months I worked completely free of charge…for 2 reasons!

1.      I have a small family and if Excel did fold, then I might be offered a job for proving my worth

2.      If Excel survives and I do a good job they will come on board….


Suffice to say we still have a good working relationship with these clients now ?


At the end of May, we moved into our first office, and it was all systems go!

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Our first team member joined us shortly after and we continued to organically grow both in the office and online.

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Fast forward 7 months and we have now moved office 3 times and grew to a team of 8…

We have also achieved a client renewal rate of 96% and have had no staff leave us!

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Not to mention…

  •  Worked over 500 Telemarketing days
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  •   We have begun sponsoring professional Boxer & Former IBF World Champion – Paul Butler
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  • Raised over £100 for Macmillan Cancer Support
  • Gave over 100 items to the local food bank
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  •  Donated over 100 gifts to our Christmas Gift Appeal
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  • We grew our group even further by introducing 5 new companies, each one complimenting the other.
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Since the day we moved into our offices at Pioneer house, I have watched a back-bedroom idea to become an established group with a truly great team!

A personal thank you

As Excel enters its second year of business and its 3rd lockdown (hopefully final) I want to take a little bit of time to thank all our key workers for their hard work and help over the last 12 months, your inspiration and dedication inspired a nation.

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Thank you for your time today, feel free to get in touch to discuss how one of our Construction Specific Telemarketing and Lead Generation campaigns could help you in 2021!

Have a great year everyone!

Mike Dunn!


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