A Message from our Sales Director


We specialise in all areas of construction but the month of April has been 70% roofing contracts at Excel Recruitment Solutions Ltd and 15% roofing contracts at Excel TM Group.

We work with a variety of installers, suppliers, manufacturers and consultants in the roofing industry and we have successfully placed two candidates this month and are currently working on several other positions across the UK.


Excel TM Group have successfully been arranging CPD’s, breaking and winning specifications, introducing new products into the industry and helping secure our cliental supply chain and framework agreements.

Me and Mike Dunn have built some very good relationships over the years and our clients always seem to follow us wherever we go!


Quite simple, we are very open and honest with our clients about how we see the market and if our services aren’t going to be helpful at that moment in time, we will re-evaluate the situation and put a plan in place for when the time is right!

There is one saying I will NEVER agree with and that is…


No it really isn’t! If you say you can deliver on something but self consciously know its going to be a struggle, it is better to voice your doubts and explain your concerns from the off rather than jeopardise your integrity and reputation and ultimately lose future business.

This may seem a pessimistic way of doing business to some but we don’t have a 98% success rate at Excel Recruitment Solutions and Excel TM Group for no reason.


One question we constantly get asked and raises concern is…..

Are we working with a competitor because that will be a conflict of interest!

Yes, Excel TM Group will work with different companies in the same industry but NEVER in the same location, running the same campaign.

We could be working with a roofing company who wants to target architectural practices for CPD’s and specifications in London but also be working with a roofing company who is looking to win new projects for supply and install in Yorkshire.

When this happens, we give our clients piece of mind by being honest of who we are working with, what location and what scope of works we are carrying out.

We are also happy to sign NDA’s to honour our word and have strict procedures in place to prevent leads passing from one campaign to another.


Recruitment wise, yes we will work with any company but again we are very respectful of our Excel TM Group clients and will never approach their staff when a role is available.

Also, if one of their employees contacts us, we honour our candidates approach and never disclose information they have shared with us but we respectively decline their applications and professionally inform them why we couldn’t move forward and they understand the circumstances and the situation is resolved immediately without any casualties.

No matter what your portfolio of works contains, we are capable of providing a service that will be of the highest standard.

Flat or Pitched, Contractor or Manufacturer, On Site Meetings or CPD’s…WE CAN DO IT!

We can tailor a service to suit your requirements & also provide employees at the same time.

If you would like to discuss any of our services in more detail, please get in touch today on one of the following;

This is something that has been pushed back multiple times and changed due to a number

We are growing at an astronomical rate for a new construction group but the level of experience our team possesses in construction is on par if not higher than our competitors.

Thank you for reading my latest article and we look forward to assisting further this year!

Mike O’Connell



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