Are things starting to return?

I feel like I bang the same drum when I start a blog post!

We have increased days month on month and our company has grown consistently and so has our team spirit….

BUT and there is a but… Truth be told, April was actually one of our toughest months – screw it I may as well say it…


It was almost like pubs reopened and every man and his dog wanted to take time off! It’s actually funny because on the day pubs did reopen, I ended up taking the team as well.

Anyway, back to business…

Whilst April was a tougher month than usual, it was also full of celebration in the company, we watched Nick Dunn and Scott Cooper move into new senior positions.

Nick has now moved into Business Development which will help us a company grow further and Scott has moved into a Senior Account Manager role, this comes from hard work, determination and a willingness to succeed.


One of Excel’s core values and beliefs is Loyalty –  A key factor in delivering results is our team here at Excel. We believe that each member is equal and we ensure that each member can successfully grow within the business.

Employee of the month

Scott also won employee of the month for April; an award well deserved!

We upped our game for company incentives in April, each week the team had opportunities to win prizes and even though it was a tougher month, I was proud to watch my team not give up!

These prizes ranged from comedy club tickets, ghetto golf tickets, Chester zoo tickets and an extra days holiday!

One thing that made me prouder than anything else was the want to do better!

They asked question after question about how to improve, they asked for calls to be listened too and wanted honest and constructive feedback.

Monthly Social

One thing we are passionate about here at Excel is making it fun! It’s great working hard but if you don’t have a healthy work life balance then the end goal can be pretty pointless.

Whilst every Friday we celebrate a successful week with a few drinks in the office, we also like to get out at the end of each month and talk about anything BUT work!

In March we began with cocktail making 

In April the team enjoyed some normality and visited the Black Dog in Chester where we were treated to a nice meal and “one or two” drinks.

That is why we go into May with a bigger team, bigger targets and bigger announcements on the way!


Stay tuned for another huge company announcement in a couple of weeks time!

If you are interested in discussing how we can help you with Telemarketing and Lead Generation this year, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

Many thanks for your time.

Mike Dunn



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    Steven Steel

    May 15, 2021 - 2:01 am

    I know Rich B…top man and I need a job…where I can be happy…not be infected ? and…well….work wi top clients…to bring in business…coz I like to make them money..(and me too ?)

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