Where has time gone?

Where has this year gone??

I mean seriously, where has it gone!!!

It literally feels like just yesterday everyone was singing ‘it’s coming home’, the sun was shining, the world was coming out of lockdown and Excel were only a team of 11…….

I realised this morning that I haven’t wrote a blog or provided any company updates since April!!

I vowed that I would stay on top of the blogs and that I would always try to keep the company updated, like any business owner will tell you – there is sometimes just not enough hours in the day.

Since April A LOT has happened and things have changed within the company, these include

  • New faces
  • New roles
  • New opportunities
  • And guess what… yep, another new office!! Except this time, it’s our own building.

So, let’s get started with the new faces that joined in our Account Management team!

It gives me great pleasure introducing to you all;

  • Courtney Jones
  • Georgie McGinnigle
  • Emilly Baker
  • Charlotte Clare
  • Aimee Sass
  • Caitlan Davies
  • Samantha Cousins

As you can see our growth has been unprecedented and each member of this team bring different levels of experience and qualities which complement the company and everyone in it.

Welcome to the team guys!

However, this is not the only side of the business which has grown.

Our Business Development team also expanded and on transfer deadline day we welcomed Charlie Ward to the Excel family.

Charlie’s wealth of experience in construction telemarketing means he comes with the knowledge and enthusiasm needed to make this role his own, since starting Charie has brought new clients onboard and worked hard to create a fantastic pipeline.




We also welcomed Emma Quinn as our head of quality, a position that Emma is extremely passionate and motivated by. Emma has already introduced new ways of working to the company and made this role her own!







As Excel has grown and new faces have been introduced, we have also had to look at change within the company and introduce new positions which create a solid foundation for growth!

Congratulations to the following members of our team for their recent promotion’s!

  • Ellie Manford – Head of operations
  • Rich Bowden – Business Development Director
  • Nick Dunn – Team Manager
  • Chelsea McGonigle – Team Leader
  • Scott Cooper – Head of Training and Development
  • Emilee Durkin – Key Account Manager
  • Faith Shone – Senior Account Manager

I would like to say that every member of our team has worked tirelessly to earn these roles and I am unbelievably proud of them all!

If you know Excel TM Group then you know we like to make a lot of noise and have fun, one thing I have learnt is that is has to be fun! Telemarketing can be a rather tedious job and at times and almost seem repetitive, this is why we are always trying to break this mould and way of working and whilst we always have a monthly social, we also need to ways of engaging with our staff and making them feel valued.

Some of the events we have held included

Office Launch Party!



MacMillan Coffee Morning

Weekly Games of Deal or No Deal

Check out the link below !



To say we have been busy Is a huge understatement, I feel so honoured and proud to see what we have achieved. I have been lucky enough to tell my story to Liverpool Echo and Revolancer over the last few months and it still doesn’t feel real! Please feel free to have a read!

Spotlight On: Mike Dunn


And last but not least!

I am delighted and honoured to say that I have named as a finalist at this year’s Great British Entrepreneur awards! This is something I still can’t come to terms with!

It doesn’t feel real, and it wasn’t expected, to say I am blown away is a huge understatement!

On November 21st I will make my way to London to find out if I have won the Service Industries Entrepreneur of the year award!

Being brutally honest, I don’t think I will but just to be in the final in such a short space of time is an achievement in itself.


Our journey is only just starting, and we have some more huge announcements on the way and we cant wait to share them with you!

Thank you for taking to read this blog, and if you have any questions about Excel and how can help you then feel free to get in touch with me today!

Many thanks for your time.

Mike Dunn



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