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April pic


Are things starting to return? I feel like I bang the same drum when I start a blog post! We have increased days month on month and our…
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Mikes Blog

A Message from our Sales Director

ROOFING IS ALWAYS HIGH ON THE AGENDA HERE AT EXCEL We specialise in all areas of construction but the month of April has been 70% roofing contracts at…
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March Review

Did anyone else feel like March dragged on or was it just me? For me, March seemed to go on longer than any month I have ever experienced…
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February Overview!

Our Busiest Month yet! Whilst February is the shortest month in the calendar year, it proved to be another record-breaking month for Excel. We maintained all of our…
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new year new plan

New Year, New Challenges – More Excitement!

Reflection and goal setting When we returned to work in the new year, I knew we had a busy year ahead! Not just month but year! I knew…
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Our First Year in Business!!

Excel’s first year! Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read my first article of 2021 which covers Excel TM Group’s first year in business Excel officially…
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