CPD Campaigns

One of the most important and crucial points of construction is delivering CPD’s, whether your CPD is RIBA approved or not the fact is they are relevant and deserve to be seen.


Construction Telemarketing and Lead Generation is a great way to maximise this, not only to do you get an opportunity to showcase your CPD and your knowledge, but if done right you will reach the the right people who will specify your products on live and upcoming projects.


A common mistake that can be made is thinking only architects benefit and need CPD’s, when we get into the nuts and bolts of it all we realise that CPD’s are crucial to such a wider audience. Once again this comes from be construction telemarketing and lead generation experts.


Just because we call it a CPD Call Campaign, doesn’t mean we only book new CPD’s, if you have recently ran CPD’s and now want to look at getting your product’s specified by the Architectural practices, Main Contractor’s or Surveyor’s you met – or anyone else that you may need to revisit. Contact Excel TM Group, we will look to make sure you are maximising these opportunities.

Excel TM Group Services​

Like any service that generates you leads, you need to make sure that the provider fills you with confidence in their ability to deliver results and maximizes return on investment.
Excel do just that! Our job is to provide our clients with peace of mind and work with them to build long lasting relationships by tailoring a service that suits their needs.
No….At Excel we pride ourselves on being open and honest from the start, this means we always start by providing our clients with a trial.
Following a trial, we look at different options of construction telemarketing which provide our clients and prospects with alternative ways to generate return on investment.
This has been key to maintaining a 96% renewal rate!
When it comes to construction telemarketing, we are honest from the start, our advice would be do not spread yourself to thin and jeopardise quality!
However, once we have completed your trial, we will look to discuss different telemarketing campaigns which can be separate or run side by side.

Let's Start a Campaign...​​